Talent Attraction

We make sure the experience and the quality of the work each of the candidates

Complete Background Check

We corroborate the schooling, economic situation and job references of the candidate.

Laboratory tests

More than 150 parameters, analysis and interpretation of results with specific requirements.

Home Visits

We check the family and social environment, socioeconomic level and personal behavior of the candidate


The psicometrys show us behaviors that allow us to make descriptions and measure qualities of the candidate

Drug Tests

We check if the candidate consumes illegal and/or toxic substances.

Our Services are used in:

  • Private and public institutions
  • Outsourcing
  • Recruitment and selection of candidates
  • Leasing and real estate
  • Franchises and business partnerships
  • Credit approval
  • Scholarships
  • Domestic employees, security, etc.

¿How do we work?


The visitors get the information of the candidate to send it to the analyst.


The analysts process the collected information and they do a detailed and professional investigation of all the information of the candidates.


The candidate takes the tests and then waits for a home visit (if required) previously required for future employers. Verifies their information.


Our goal is to continue innovating and creating tools to provide BGC’s in easier, faster and more competitive ways. Also serving our clients with an excellent service and strict comunication to solve all their issues regarding our matter.

Competency Interview

We have a comprehensive process to measure the candidate's abilities to contribute to an excellent performance at work

No additional charges

We do not charge in advance and the recruitment includes the necessary services to ensure that the person admitted is the adequate and with the most extensive guarantee

Quality and trust

We handle all types of vacancies with the quality that identifies us without asking for exclusivity

Attention and service

Our executives provide personalized attention with the best response time

COVID-19 Tests

One of the requirements companies currently have, is testing to detect COVID-19.

¡We do it for you!

We apply tests for the collaborators that will be incorporated into your workforce, the periodic controls that you need among your staff and those PCR or antigen tests that are required to travel.

Fast detection

The test is simple and you have your results in a few minutes.


Has an effectiveness rate of approximately 97.15%

Reasonable price

The cost of the test is affordable compared to other laboratories

Security measures

We have adequate security measures for the entry and sample collection


English, Spanish and Portuguese



We are a company founded in 2001, dedicated to offering investigation services of personal, credit, judicial, economic, labor, toxicological and honest way of life, for the areas of recruitment, leasing, approval of credits, scholarships, commercial partners, etc.

We provide our service to all types of companies, regardless of their size. We have highly trained professional visitors and staff to investigate, analyze and present truthful and specific conclusions to our clients.


Years of experience

RODI / rrhh / lab / consulting

Information analysis

We have the right staff for each task to be carried out, with extensive experience in their area. We are trained to solve each and every one of the problems, handling every situation that arises to give you a precise and expeditious solution.

All information is precisely analyzed, corroborating its reliability, in order to obtain and provide our clients with a Socioeconomic Study, which fully complies with the veracity and accuracy required by the most demanding processes.


Contact us

Send us a message, and we will attend to you as soon as possible.

You can find us at:

 Calle Benito Juárez #5693, Sta. María del Pueblito,

Zapopan, Jalisco, México
 (33) 2301-8599